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Dan's TLG-500 on a test tower

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Im forwarding some pictures from our install of the TLG 500 on u\our test tower in Dighton, Kansas.  We have it wired to charge two 12-volt deep cell batteries which its been doing rather quickly.   Its seems to take about 1 to 1 hours to charge the two batteries.  Our next step is to connect this to an inverter to see how well we can power a computer from the battery bank. 

The TLG 500 is mounted on a break over poll which has been reinforced with some guy wires that run from the top of the poll to the lower part of the poll.  I think you can see this in the pictures.  This was done because this old TV tower is not near sturdy enough to hold that unit, but it certainly works well for a test tower.  We are working on an old windmill tower for permanent mounting. 

The wind has been blowing stronger than we have felt comfortable at times, so weve been shutting it down at those times.  Were looking to re-mount the unit on an old wind mill tower (and  will use the schedule 80 as you advise) so that we can run it at all wind speeds.  With any luck, well be powering the lighting and a computer a minimum, will look beyond that once we get to that step.

On selling the TLG 500, if you have any documentation on distribution, please forward to me.  Im not quite sure how this will go just yet, but Ive been selling software for many years and think I can use that experience to sell the TLG 500 though its obviously a different animal.   

Look forward to working with you on this.  Its an exciting time to be pushing wind power! 

Dan Wancura
Shawnee, KS


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