Burrabit's from Virginia a 12 volt system (Ametek 30)

Hi Terry, I finally got up my wind generator.  Its working great,    I went with the patriotic theme and did red white and blue,  I wish I had painted the generator blue instead of red though, cause it would have made the yaw unit and it look like one piece, but it still looks pretty good red.

Today we had steady 9 mile a hour winds from the north (according to the airport 20 miles or so away)  I think our winds were the same, cause mine yawed in that same north direction all day.

Your yaw mount tracks beautifully too.  I balanced it, it was a bit tail heavy, but it seems to do great, it doesn't waver in the wind when the rotor is turning hard,  it holds steady.
That's a solar yard  light in the top of the pole, they fit perfectly in the pipes

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A view of his waterproofing job along with the groves cut in the shaft for safety.
I think the grooves are a bit too deep, but it will not come off when the set screws are tightened that's for sure.
rab4.jpg (39745 bytes)

Additional comments from Burrabit 4-21-04

"I got Terry's 4 blade set and his yaw mount.
I didn't have high hopes when I got it cause I live in zone 1, the lowest wind  region of all. I just wanted something to tinker with and figured it would help top off the battery occasionally when we had storms and high winds.
But I've been getting charge every day since I got it !
Near as I can figure by nearby airport data, that it starts getting 1-2 
amp charges somewhere around 9-11 miles a hour with my Ametek 30, and I haven't even got it up yet on my higher 20 foot pole.

These homebrewed windgens are fun to build and play with cause there very simple and straight forward every single piece you can get to see what's there and all.  Building mine was absolutely never a headache like some projects can turn into,  it was relaxing all the way.
And Windgens are so much funner to watch than solar panels.
If you don't love the wind already, then you sure will after you put up your first Windgen especially if you build it yourself.

Terry answered endless questions for me on the phone as well
and Terry's Website has the most info I've found in any one place on Ametek oriented windgens, and you should read every single thing on this site if you want to learn more about them.

I'm looking even more forward to building my next one than I was for this 1st one."

Thanks Again

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