Bill's TLG-500 wind generator in Holton, MI

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Pivot Point

Welding it up

Upright holding bolts

Upright holding point

Drilling the pivot point

Grade 8 bolt installed

Comments from Bill

Hi Terry,
The TLG 500   just arrived,  I am impressed.  (4 shipping days!)  GREAT!  It is at my work  for show and tell!   Every one agrees It is well built,  I am looking forward to putting it in the air this week end.
In the attachments you will find several photos of the tip over tower project from your web site. The work was done in 15 degree  weather last week end,  notice the ice  where I was welding)  I did add counter weight to the lower end of the 3"    21 ft. pipe to off set the top 8' pipe and the weight of the generator.   The other generator in the background is my first home built wind generator that adds a  small charge to our batteries.  We also have solar panels,   they don't do much at night... I have towers on my land and considered putting the TLG 500 up higher in the air. After talking with you I took your advise and  constructed the tip over tower.  Thank you for the great advice.  Looking forward to this week end and putting the generator in the air.  Hope the March winds work in our favor.
     More when it is working.
Thanks again for a great well built generator.
Bill Hubbard
Holton Mi.

Hi Terry,

The TLG 500   is in the air and working GREAT!  thanks again for a better than advertised product.   The tip over tower on your web site was a great idea.  The  web site is in it self very help full and is what convinced me to buy the generator.  Thanks again for the great support.

Holton, MI.

Added 3/25/09
Hi Terry,

Here are several more files for the site if your interested.  Will send more when the second generator is up.   Having a great time with this alternative energy thing.  We run 80%  of our house off  (not on) the grid,  so the TLG 500s are great for keeping the batteries going at night and on less sunny days.

Thinking green in Holton Michigan
Bill and Linda

Added 4/24/09
Hi Terry,
The second generator arrived  in record time,  it is now up and running. Works great and we are getting lots of wind so I have been enjoying the charge ability that the two TLG 500s have added to our alternative energy operation here in Michigan.  Again thank you for a great generator that is more than you advertised.

Here are some corrected files for the web site if you would like to use them.  I took out some guy wires and trees that were in the way.  Feel free to use them how ever it works for you.

The 500s are working great!  I like to keep the deep cycle batteries close to charge  ( 60% or better) and the generators have made that possible.  We run all our house lighting  ( L E D S), fans, computers  (all solid state hard drives even our server), micro wave other home items on wind and solar energy.   Having a great time with all this.

Thanks again for all your doing

Bill and Linda
Holton, Mi.

Additional comments added 4/25/09
Have been metering the out put and love the numbers I see.   Will be adding another battery this week end.  (then we will have 10 - 100 amp hour deep cycle batteries)   We run our pure sine wave inverter(3000w) to run all L E D lighting plus the 32 LCD flat screen T V, our computer sever all solid state hard drives and another computer also solid state hard drive,  plus microwave and other stuff.  The power we use in the evening and on the weekend now regenerates it self when we sleep or at work during the day.  We also have 80 watt solar panels too  ( as you say,  not much fun watching them, but they do work)  The wind generators are great.

Bill and Linda
Holton,  Mi.

Bill in his TLG-500 T-Shirt with his two TLG-500 wind generators

Bill on the roof

A very creative shot by Bill and Linda!

Bill's homemade break over poles

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