Alan Installs his TLG-500 in Indiana.

Comments below the image.



Most used advertising shot!

Meter shows 1 amp at 6 mph

Meter shows 4 amps at 11 mph
  You may notice in the
picture on the left with
Alan with his TLG-500
Shirt that the generator
on his shirt was created
from the image above that
he sent in a couple of years ago.

The image is also used on
TLG business cards.
Awesome shot Alan!
Thank you!

Brief comments from Alan

Hey Terry,

I got the TLG500 up and running today despite the 4 deg weather here. We havenít had any wind so I cant give you any specs. Iím attaching some photos of the TLG500 up in the air.
Its about 23 feet up about 26 to the blade tip.
Iíll send more info on its performance as soon as I get it.


Added 4-5-07.
Sorry for the long wait for the TLG findings. Iím still on the road to recovery from my hospital stay. I am impressed with the results of the TLG 500. In a 5mph wind the TLG 500 is giving me 12 to 13 watts, 1 amp, and in a 12 to 15 mph wind Iím getting 50 to 55 watts, about 4 amps. I attached some pictures of my wind speed indicator and my charge controller showing wind speed and the power the TLG is giving me. Iím still waiting for some 25 to 35 mph winds to see what power the TLG500 will deliver. As soon as I gather to data I will forward it to you. I have seen a 10 amp peak in a 20 mph wind last week.
I will keep you informed on more of my findings.

If I may I want to put in a plug for your blades.  Iíve been flying TLG blades now for about 3 years and flying wind generators for about 5. In that time, I have used a large variety of blades available on the market from plastic composites, wood, other metal, and aluminum material. None compare to the durability and performance of the TLG products. From the Prairie Star MM to the Boast Busters, performance is untouched from the competitors. Never have I had failure due to metal fatigue or construction. Now I have had some problems with trees, birds and poorly anchored towers. But these drawbacks didnít cause the TLG blades to snap or break, they only bent due to the collision of the tree branches, birds, or of course the ground. Iíve read plenty of articles that speak of metal fatigue or failure of aluminum blades used on wind generators but have yet to see any of these problems with Terryís blades, not a one.
So, if your in the marked for blades to complete your wind generator project, put the TLG blades at the top of your list, you wonít be sorry.

Take care.

Alan Brinkmann

Added 4-13-07
Hey Terry, We had a great day yesterday as far as wind goes. The TLG was putting out some awesome power. I have attached some pictures to show the wind speed with the power the TLG 500 was putting out. 15 amps in a 28mph wind. This was a gust, but there were several of them and the TLG 500 showed its true colors. Just thought you would like to know.
 Alan Brinkmann

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