Two home built generators by Alan in SE Indiana 

Alan's Comments below the images.
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The picture above is actually of the Prairie Star AL (after) a tree branch hit it.
If you look real hard, you can see how it is bent, but it did not break!

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Above is the current picture of my first mill after I replaced the blades with the Prairie Star MM.

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The two pictures above are of a gear head system in the works.  I wanted to create something that will spin this 24 volt PM motor at a 2.3 to 1 ratio. I'm not sure of the power output as of yet.
The Black blades you see on the mill now will not spin this bird. I tried some wooden test blades, then the Prairie Star MM off of the other mill and Presto! Spin City.

Alan's detailed comments.

Hi Terry,
Here in SE Indiana we don't have the perfect conditions for a Wind Generator. After building my first wind generator using a 72 volt Ametek PM motor, I found that the wind conditions were not favorable to generate consistent power. Although there is a breeze on the hill I live on, there wasn't enough to wind to keep the sixteen 20amp batteries in my basement charged enough to run my basement electric (lights, radio, sump-pump and small electric hand tools, which I do spend a lot of time with). I was looking to buy one of those 99volt Ametec motors, which are expensive and hard to find, but I was finding other Permanent Magnet motors everywhere I looked. So I decided to gear up,(2.3 to 1 ratio), with one of the 24 volt PM motors I had on hand. At first I was having problems getting everything to line up, but at the end of the project, if this is the end I got it together using some threaded rod, angle iron and some steel plate (about $40.00 in material plus the $25.00 swivel). I also had on hand the 6-blade carbon fiber blades I purchase before I found your aluminum blades.
I put the carbon fiber blades on the windmill and in a 5 to 10 mile winds would not turn my generator. I was very concerned of the design of my creation, wondering if it was going to work at all. I took the carbon fiber blades off and placed some home made wooden blades on the mill to see if it would turn. Well it did, not too well but it spun. I took the wooden blades off and mounted the Prairie Star MM blades that were on my other mill. Once the Prairie Star MM was mounted and I let it go, Presto! Spin City.  As I was mounting the Prairie Star MM blades, I had a hard time holding the blades still enough to mount, these things wanted to fly and fly bad.
Terry you have a great product, awesome power in these blades.

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Here is a strange new twist that Alan added to his system when he combined the Prairie Star AL and MM together.
I have it on the list to assemble this setup and test it for performance.
You have to admit it looks really cool.

alan5.jpg (21811 bytes)
The Prairie Star AL, & Prairie Star MM running on the same system.

Here's Alan's words on this setup.

Hello Terry,
Just for fun, I combined the Prairie Star AL and the Prairie Star MM on the same windmill. Looks as though this thing would be so out of balance it would destroy its self. With a 24 VDC motor in a 10 mph wind, it was putting out 14.5 volts 4 dc amps.
The slightest breeze and this thing took off.
Thought you would like to see it.
Take Care
Alan in Indiana

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