Norman's TLG-500 Wind Generator in Dartmouth Nova Scotia
Also take a look at the house him and his wife built.

Comments below the images.

Their home in Canada

Brief comments from Norman

 Hi Terry,
I have my TLG500 running my hobby shop now and I see a difference of $75.00 in my last power bill, ya got to like that LOL.  Next I will start running my property lights around my 3 acres. I am building a boat launch and plan to run lights to it too.
I made a water heater up to dump the extra power, I had a cord running down to the house and was running my central air whenever I was getting too much power, it runs 24. 7 just like running 2, 100 watt lights. I don't know if my insurance Co would approve. Its not that it would hurt I don't think, its just because its free I think, LOL.

My friends and even the power meter man are amazed at are TLG500 WINDMILL. I would like to complement you for the fine workmanship that you put into the TLG500 and I am glad I have one, and its no toy, the TLG500 will put the power out thanks.

My wife and I built the house, it is made of concrete and took us 7 years.  The walls are 1ft thick and the home weighs about 256 tons so we don't think it well ever blow down LOL.

I put some photos here you might pick some out and I well send you some when I get things cleaned up around here and get my lights up.

So later, your power friend from Dartmouth Nova Scotia CA


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