John Morton's converts both his Mallards to the Boast Buster

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Once there were two Mallards powered by Boast Buster rotors.

Then there were four Mallards powered by the Boast Buster and Cy-Clone rotors.

Coming soon pictures of his TLG-500 wind farm.  Two units installed, two to go.

Comments from John


Sorry I am so late sending you this.
I Lost the picture of mills with carbon fiber blades, but everyone knows they don't do anything anyway.
Before I change the blades out it was on a rare occasion to see them turn, now with the Boast Busters it is a rare occasion to see them not turning.
In the attached picture you can see they are really turning and the wind speed was only 15 miles per hour that day.
Both the mills are 60ft in the air, and work extremely well with your Boast Buster blades.

One thing I would like to say about those rare occasions that they did turn, it was from a big gust of wind and once they turned you knew it.  The mills are located about 90 feet from the house and you could hear the carbon fiber blades as they sounded like helicopters.
I don't hear anything from the Boast Buster blades, they are extremely quiet hands down!

I  would highly recommend them to anyone.
Feel free to post this on your site.

From John Morton Ontario Canada

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