Electricialair LLC in Salt Lake City, UT

Brief Comments from Don Albrand

 Dear TLG Windpower,

   I am the owner and operator of Electricalair llc. Recently we purchased a Wind-generator (your model TLG-500) for testing. 

   We installed the unit on a large 120 acre pig farm. On a day of decent wind we went back out to observe the unit.  I hooked up an in-line amp meter, then told my assistant to go get the other meter.  I was sure the meter had gone bad, to my surprise the other amp meter also showed 13 to 15 amps going into the 24-volt battery bank.

   Over the years Electricalair llc has installed various brands of wind generators and solar systems around the greater Salt Lake area and to date we have never seen a small units produce as much power as the TLG-500 in such low winds. 

   I will defiantly be using your wind-generators to meet my customers needs.

Thank you,
  Don Albrand Electricalair llc Salt Lake Utah

Picture of the unit to follow soon.

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