Bill's test run with the TLG-500 in Texas

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Temporary test stand to play with his new toy

I love the way the tree assists during the testing of an environmentally friendly unit.

A nice view of the upper bearing housing and strain relief

Here is a view of where the generator is going to be placed.
What a view Bill is going to have.

Brief comments from Bill.  I am sure we will get more pictures and information once he get the unit mounted at his cabin in western Texas.

Very pleased with the unit yesterday, just wish I’d had a little more wind, or a more open area for this test run. Next time I’ll take it out to the Ex’s house  a few miles west of Fort Worth. She’s on a slight hilltop and it can be fairly windy there at times….more open area with no building around to chop up the wind either. Anything more than the 4’ tall pole I used yesterday will help as well. 

When I spun it by hand it would show 7 – 8 volts….but at one point the wind did spin it up to 13 volts and it wasn’t turning that fast…it was not very windy around the garage, with some short bursts of slight wind…and I realize you have to have this thing mounted up on a pole about 20 – 30’ above ground level to get clean, pure and steady wind.
It takes 14.1 volts to fully charge a 12 volt battery bank and this unit will have no problem with that in a decent wind environment.

Added 11-15-06
Drove in this evening from San Antonio to FTW.  Very windy as a cold front was blowing in all day and this was a great chance to again set up the TLG500 and check it out in a good wind environment...

A couple of images of what Bill was doing, note the cool effects of a flash on the blades at night.

It did very well, just as expected.....didn't get a pic of every instance....but got up to about 33 volts several times...and stayed in the 20's with a low wind most of the time.....on a 4 foot high pole on a street full of houses.
Tried out the shunt action and it performed perfectly....slowing down and stopping the generator in the wind.

Froze my TX butt off....or at least my fingers got damn chilly in the cold wind..but was very excited with the output of the TLG500
Thanks for a quality wind/gen unit....!!


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