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Overview of the Intella-Controller

A perfect setup has a volt meter so you can keep track of your battery bank voltage, an Amp meter so you can see what the turbine is producing at any given time, and from the constantly changing reading those two meters provide you can use a calculator to calculate wattage by multiplying the voltage times the amperage.  More sophisticated systems have automated monitoring systems to display wattage, Amp hour production, and Ah consumption that can cost up to $350 dollar.  WHY?

With the Intella-Controller you don't need separate meters and a calculator because it does it all for you plus more.
It shows you instant readings of battery bank voltage and input amperage, or wattage to the hundredth, and Amp hour productions, and........... Wait, let's just list the different screens the Intella-Controller provides so you can see for yourself what it can do for you.

NOTE: The battery connection must be connected to the battery FIRST and before any other connection is made!

Features available by pressing the MODE or OK buttons:
(1) Generator:  Displays the voltage of two of the three phase AC inputs. either A&B, A&C, or B&C
(2) Brake Time:  The user adjustable amount of time the turbine is held down in the brake mode. (in seconds)
(3) Brake On:  The user selectable maximum amount of amperage from the turbine before the brake is applied. (over-speed / storm protection)
(4) User: Displays the actual load in amps placed on the (OUTPUT) terminals when they are activated by the controller. (max 35.5A on 12 volts)  (20A on 24 volt banks)
(5) User On: The user adjustable voltage point that the (OUTPUT) terminals are switched on.
(6) User Off: The user adjustable voltage point that the (OUTPUT) terminals are switched off.
(7) User Ah: The amount of Amp hours that have been consumed through the (OUTPUT) terminals.
(8) Power: The instant readout of wattage being produced to the hundredth of a watt.
(9) Charge Total: The total amount of Kwh that have been produced.
(10) Charge Ah: The amount of Amp hours produced into your battery bank.
(11) Charge Off:  The user adjustable voltage point that the controller stops charging and enters brake mode.
(12) V  /  I :  The instant readout of the battery bank voltage and Amperage input to your battery bank to the hundredth.
Other features include:
Led status indicator lights BLUE Charging, RED Brake on, and GREEN load output terminal on.
Auto sense of battery type and voltage.
Three Phase AC input direct from your wind turbine...  (will not work on DC output turbines like DCPM motors)
Brake switch that you can manually activate to stop your turbine for an extended period of time.
Internal fan for protection against overheat during heavy operation caused by high wind events.

NOTE: The Intella-Controller is a Hybrid controller capable of accepting both wind and solar inputs (if used on smaller output turbines other than TLG's).  You can however purchase a separate Intella-Controller for solar arrays with output of less than 36 amps on 12-volt and less than 20 amps on 24-volt solar arrays.  Please verify your arrays output amperage before hand.

Although we had this version of controller made special for the TLG-500 line of turbines you can still benefit from its many features on several other wind turbines on the market as well as solar arrays.  Please call or email to verify if you have doubts.

Instructions for the Intella-Controller

Setup support provided to purchaser if needed.

Call to order (620) 422-3700

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